About Pamela

Hi, I’m Pamela.
I work as a studio potter at my home studio in San Antonio, Texas.

My passion for ceramics began over 30 years ago when I took my first ceramics class at The University of Texas at Austin. I went on to get a BA and an MBA which ultimately led to a rewarding professional career as a Senior Experience Owner with USAA’s Property & Casualty company. For many years, balancing work and a young family consumed my time and attention. Once my children were grown and off to college, I was able to return to ceramics in 2014.  To hone my craft, I resumed my studies at the Southwest School of Art and at workshops with some of today’s most well-respected potters across the United States and Canada. After retiring in 2019 from my 26-year career with USAA, I am now dedicated fulltime to my practice as a studio potter and am currently honored to serve as President of the San Antonio Potters Guild.

I spent several years experimenting with different techniques, clays, glazes, and firing temperatures, finally settling on the process I use today. My process is based on soft slab construction, using a midrange chocolate brown stoneware called Cinco Rojo. My work is decorated simply with a dipped “crackle” porcelain bisque slip and celadon-style glazes.

Each day as I enter my studio, it is a joy for me to create simple, straightforward functional pottery. I take great pride in making my work slowly – taking the time to ensure that each piece is well-crafted and designed with care. My ultimate satisfaction comes once my pieces find their way into people’s homes and become a well-used part of their daily life.

When I’m not in the studio, I take long walks, cook a wide variety of ethnic foods with lots of fresh vegetables and sew my own handmade wardrobe.

I hope you will visit my shop where you will find simple, hand built pottery suited equally well for everyday use and as decorative pieces to bring a touch of the handmade to your home.