About Benner

Hi, I’m Benner.
I’ve been a full-time ceramic artist for over 35 years and currently work from my home studio in San Antonio, Texas. In my spare time, I care for my vegetable garden, play golf terribly, and take daily walks with my lovely wife, Pamela.

But mostly I make pottery.

Each of my pots from the smallest vases to the two gallon pitchers are made from a single ball of clay on the potters wheel. They are often distorted in some way and have added texture from slip, stamps, and carving. I pull all of my handles for items like mugs and pitchers, and then allow everything to dry completely before the bisque firing. Once the pots are unloaded from the kiln I inspect each piece for cracks and sharp burrs on the surface in preparation for glazing.

The main thing that separates my work from most potters is my method of spraying multiple layers of glazes to achieve a varied surface of color, adding depth and interest to the surface which cannot be achieved by the customary dipping and pouring method. I apply at least three glazes to every piece while many receive up to five or six layers for subtle variations in color blending from one to the next.

In my shop, you will find my handmade, highly-decorated pottery to use daily and to decorate your home. All of my pottery is entirely functional and most often related to food in some way. It is my hope that customers use my pottery daily and appreciate the time, energy, and dedication to quality that I put into each piece. I make a wide variety of work from coffee mugs to pitchers to entire dinnerware sets. You will also find large serving bowls that are equally lovely for meals with family and friends or as a treasured centerpiece.

I make every piece individually by hand on the potters wheel. I concentrate on one item at a time so no two pieces are exactly alike, but all will be recognized as relatives. My forms flow with soft undulations and gentle textures. My surfaces are filled with subtle, colorful blends of many sprayed and layered glazes. The undulating forms and layered glazes come pleasantly together to create a piece that is designed to be enjoyed for many years to come.